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Anybody won on the slot machine in the casino? - Duke

Review – Duke Nukem Forever (PC) - nonfictiongaming.com Duke Nukem has decided to follow modern shooters and use the two gun policy. You can still use pipe bombs and trip mines but I found only carrying two weapons really tedious. The game provides ammo regularly and weapons drop from most enemies. As a big fan of the shotgun I would usually have that in one slot and maybe the rocket launcher in the second, in case some boss was around the corner or something. Problem is, the rocket launcher only carries five shots, So if I don’t want to waste ... Duke Nukem Forever - Collectibles and Trophy Farming Locations ... Duke Nukem Forever - Collectibles and Trophy Farming Locations Walkthrough A ... Duke Nukem Forever Trophy Guide Wanna play with the Duke? Follow this guide, give your controller a good finger, and you'll make the one-eyed colossus emperor cry! Guide Rating: 5,579 Views: The trophy guide will tell you all about the how. If you are reading this gameplay guide then you are wondering about the when and where. So this guide will provide you with a walkthrough per chapter, so you can know a good ... Retro Game Walkthroughs - Duke Nukem Forever (Xbox 360) When you're done with them approach a Slot machine and play it. It will give you some ego points. More fighting in the next room. Use the steroids by the slot machine and melee them. Head to the next area to finish here.

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Top 10 Things to see in Duke Nukem Forever - Games Duke Nukem Forevers lengthy development is well documented….12 years & many different companies involved. Eventually a product was finally released to an audience that had passed Duke by….it was a let-down by most who played it, me included. So why have I chosen Duke Forever …

Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough. Duke Nukem Forever is a First-Person Shooter (FPS) that finally resurrects the infamous Duke Nukem franchise. Designed as a blend of the over-the-top ego, humor, risqué scenarios and UN-PC attitude that players of the original 1990s PC game releases will still relish, with for technological upgrades that modern gamers demand, Duke is definitely back and better ...

The Duke Nukem franchise is big Perhaps the most difficult process in the creation of slot machines is choosing a theme for them. A Batman slot , no matter how popular Bruce Wayne’s alter ego is, would be boring if all the slots made after Gotham’s masked detective featured the same game play and idea. Duke Nukem Forever "The Lady Killer" Walkthrough

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Ego Boosts are permanent life-extending bonuses awarded the first time Duke interacts with certain objects in the right way. In the Stage Select menu, you can see how many boosts are possible and ... I Am All That Is Man Achievement in Duke Nukem Forever I Am All That Is Man Achievement in Duke Nukem Forever: Discover all Ego cap awards - worth 40 GamerScore. ... Slot Machine - Pick a slotmachine and keep playing until you win. On the machine ... Anybody won on the slot machine in the casino? - Duke ... Just match up anything for a win to get the ego boost. I think the level select will say 1/1 ego boosts collected so you probaby don't get anything extra for matching up those Duke Nukem logos. I tried to many times and could only get two out of three lined up in repeating patterns so it might not even be a real random slot machine. Duke Nukem Forever - All Ego Cap Rewards (I ... - youtube.com