Tape library import export slot

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DPM–How to Import External Tapes

Usually import/export slots are not used. Rather the whole cartridge is replaced or at least taken out for convenience. Of course the library reponds by initiating aWhat I would suggest is for the tape handler to open and close the mail slot after finishing the tape handling, even if the mail slot is empty. IBM System Storage TS3100 Tape Library and TS3200 TS3100 Tape Library SCSI element addresses for I/O Station, storage slots, and drive slot.If the Number of Import/Export Elements is greater than the default value returned in the Mode Sense parameter data, the library shall return a Check Condition. [Manual] Tape Library - Importing and Exporting Tapes Offline Export - Use this to logically export a tape from the tape library (no mail slot, ready for removal).To import all tapes that are listed as exported, right-click on a tape that is listed as " exported" and select "Import exported tapes"

To use I/O stations to insert cartridges into the TS3500 tape library when virtual I/ O ... As the library imports or exports cartridges, the states may display in the ...

NovaBackup DataCenter changes the location of the tape media from “inside the tape library” to “inside an export location” in its database, before the media can be physically moved out of the tape library, either from a data or an export slot. In case of an import, NovaBackup DataCenter recognizes exported tape media inside the tape ... Moving Tape to Transport Slot after Backup on IBM Library ... Hello, I am using an IBM TS3200 Library with Networker 7.5.1. I have recently setup a GFS rotation, and I have 3 save groups (weekly, monthly and yearly) that require tape offsite storage, and therefore moving the tapes out of the library into the transport slot for removal. Simple tape backup to Tape Library (MSL2024) - Veeam ...

The Scalar® i6000 tape library was designed to solve these problems and simplify your environment. Scalar i6000 scales up to 360 PB* of ... Maximum I/E Station Slots: 1,104 slots Extended Import/Export: Allows licensed storage slots to be used as import/export elements

Devices; Import/export Slots; Storage Slots - Hp… tape drives. Import/Export Slots. This folder contains information about media in the mail slots. Library devices provide special import/export mail slots an operator uses to enter or eject. media to or from the device without removing the whole media repository or magazine. TOLIS Tape Tools export and import default to the first ie slot. - Unlocks the i/e port (mailslot) for addition of tape(s). TOLIS Tape Tools!It provides a method of exchanging tapes within the library without requiring that the library be physically opened. This is mainly important in larger libraries where opening the...

Export will remove the medium from the IDB. ... With 3 mailslots configured the library should only have slots 1-45 now. ... they load that same mail slot with a fresh new tape, can it be imported into a non-mail slot location via Data Protector ?

Failure to Move a Physical Tape from a Slot to an Import… A message is displayed stating Cannot move the tape from slot to IE slot.2. In the navigation tree of the VTL Console, right-click Physical Tape Libraries and select Inventory.